Jul 27, 2009

Young to Old

Shot my second race over the weekend. This was the Grand Island Marathon. It was really neat to see people coming out from all different ages.

It was all the way up in Munising, Michigan. I shot for Cris Calhoun both for this race and the Warsaw event a few weeks ago. Every shooting opportunity I have presents a new challenge, and this one was no different. We woke up at 4am and the race started @ 6am, well before the sun was fully awake, so lighting was tough at first.

Then while I was shooting in the woods I was providing a host of mosquitoes a delicious buffet, while the marathoners went running by. Even in a tough situation like that, you have to keep your cool, and ignore the stupid little buzzing things and get the shots. It doesn't matter if there are 5 mosquitoes resting on the back of your hand while you're shooting, worry about that later. Pictures first, pain later :)

Then I high-tailed it over to the beach to get a different background (and better lighting). It was there that I found an escape from the buzzing pests, and ended up getting better looking shots anyway.

We didn't have any communication between photographers, so I was making some tricky decisions about where to go next on the fly. So I learned once again that flexibility is the key.


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