Jul 16, 2010

Sound Blimp Camera Strap Mod

This modification allows you to easily take the camera strap off for use with a Jacobson, or Pelican Sound Blimp.

A few thoughts on camera straps:

A few years back I decided to get one of those "Quick Release" camera straps. I got one made out of neoprene. The neoprene turned out to be a terrible idea. In the store, I thought, "Gee, this feels comfortable." But when I got it home and attached to my camera, I immediately discovered that while walking around, the neoprene strap makes the camera bounce up and down with my step. It's like a spring, and instead of my camera being glued to my body, it would swing around with a mind of it's own.

The "Quick Release" buckles tend to easily come undone. If you bump the plastic buckle against anything, *poof!* there goes your camera. And at least for me, the buckle was in the perfect spot to get bumped against a table or chair. After this happened a few times, I tossed the "too quick to release" strap away.

The snap hooks have been installed for two years now, and I haven't had a single issue with my camera falling from a hook malfunction.

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