Jul 24, 2010

Sound Blimp Latch Mod


 The latches on the Pelican 1150 make an awfully loud snap when you shut the case. Usually it is nice to hear a solid snap and know that the box is closed and secure. But when it comes to a sound blimp, quieter is better. This mod takes less time than an episode of Futurama, and after you're finished, opening and closing the blimp is (almost) completely silent.

I used my trusty Dremel 300 to grind down the plastic, but you can use sandpaper, or anything else that can cut plastic. However, be careful not to file down the latch too much, you still want the latch to hold fast, just do it in a quieter manner. My method was simply trial and error, I would grind a tiny bit off, then close the latch, and repeat, until it was satisfactorily quiet.

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