Sep 27, 2010

Two Apps That Speed Things Up

These are two programs that make operating my computer faster and more convenient. And as an on-set data manager, speed is key. These apps won't increase your I/O speed, but they will decrease mouse usage, and de-clutter your screen.

Quicksilver grants you access to any program or file located on your system using a single global shortcut (I like Ctrl+Space). Like Google Instant, Quicksilver will predict what you want before you finish typing. It will learn based on past commands that "Pho" means you want to open "Photoshop" and not "iPhoto," making Quicksilver faster the more you use it. Plus, with Plug-Ins, you can control iTunes, add file keywords, send email, and a whole bunch more. 

Bottom Line: 
Stop hunting down applications and folders with your mouse. Use Quicksilver to cut to the chase. Download it now for free.

TotalFinder is Tab-o-licious
This app brings Chrome-like tabs in Finder. Tabs make dealing with lots of folders and hard drives a little less cluttered, saving screen real estate for other programs. But beyond Tabs, this app has a lot of other neat features. Like a global shortcut, sorting folders on top, and not saving those pesky .DS_STORE files on your network.

Bottom Line:
Tabs should already be a feature in OS X, but until then, this app does the trick. Try it for 14 days, then buy it for $15.

If you're using a different app to streamline your computing habits, drop it in the comments!

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