Aug 29, 2010

RMD Sync

UPDATE* The latest version of R3D Data Manager has included an option to Sync RMD files from within R3D Data Manager. Nice and simple.

Let me preface this by saying this script should be used at your own risk! Test this on your own to make sure it will work for you. I'm not responsible for lost data.

Modifying an R3D file's attributes with REDCINE-X creates a small metadata file that reflects the settings you have changed. However, this file is only stored to your working folder, not to any of your backup locations.

This Automator script alleviates the tedious task of synchronizing all those RMD files to different backup locations. (It will also copy RSX files, if you are using those)

RMD Sync in action.
RMD Sync
Here's a breakdown of what will happen when you run the program.

1. "Select the source and target folder" It's not necessary to select the .RMD folder, you can sync from the top-most folder, just make sure you select the same spot in the folder hierarchy for both the source and target. (I would recommend modifying the "Ask for Finder Items: Start at Folder" command to start at the location you regularly work from.)

2. Confirm that these are the correct folders.

3. The rsync Shell Script copies any rsx and rmd files from the source folder to the target folder. rsync is a UNIX command that uses MD4 checksums to ensure exact copies. Complete documentation for rsync can be found here.

4. A text file is generated at the target directory with results of the transfer. This file is displayed once RMD_Sync has finished.

At the moment it will only copy to one location at a time. If you have two or more backup locations, you'll have to run the script multiple times. If you make adjustments to any of the RMD files after you've run RMD_Sync, simply run the program again to sync the changes.

That's it! I hope someone else besides me finds this useful in their workflow.

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