Jun 9, 2008

Water sure is some powerful stuff

This is in Columbus Saturday around 7pm. Around 6:30pm, I thought it'd be a great idea to head *into* town to survey the flood waters and take some photos of the damage. The city was completely shut down due to flooding that broke records and destroyed bridges in town. Among other things, the hospital had to be evacuated. THE HOSPITAL! There hasn't been this much water outside the riverbanks since 1913, and this is by far worse than that year. After 1 hour of being in town, we decide to leave, but by that time, all the escape routes in the city had been flooded over and the roads were blocked off and shut down. All except one, which we had to drive through a 1/2 mile of water running over the to get through. (which wasn't the smartest/safest idea)

By the way, both these photos are compliments of my sister Sarah, who was nice enough to come along on my whimsical journey and snap some photos while I was driving.

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