Jun 24, 2007

(almost) Finished Living Room!

That's right! It's my almost finished living room! We're using my roommate's projector to watch movies on (instead of the dinky TV). The projector screen you see on the left is actually just a sheet wrapped around a scrap piece of 2x2. It works for now, but the picture kind of bleeds through around the edges. But free is good, 'eh. My roommate also built a new entertainment center out of scraps of cabinet he ripped out of the old kitchen. Pretty modern looking i'd say! I've also relocated my bamboo tree to the living room table. Partly because it looks neat in the space, and partly because it gets more light in there than in my room. Jolly good!

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Loyal V said...

My roommate in undergrad got a projector form ebay, so we made a six foot screen out of two giant pieces of styrofoam from Lowes, painted white. It worked pretty well.