Sep 13, 2006

Painting with Light

Here are 2 preliminary shots of the new, yet-to-be-unveiled light sculpture in the entrance of the Ball State Music Instruction Building.

The man pictured is Stephen Knapp, the artist behind it all, shown here adjusting one of the panes of glass. Check out his gallery at

He has a background in photography, which by defenition is the art of capturing light. It is only fitting that the new art of choice for this photographer uses light as paint. Knapp is the only artist that creates these unique and truly beautiful pieces.

He says this is the most complex piece to date, and let me tell you, when you first walk up to it, it blows you away. His vision for this piece is to create "music on the wall."

Watch for the unveiling on September 22! Come join the festivities and meet the artist yourself, he's super awesome! Check back next Friday for photos of the finished painting!

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